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Your Story

You've written an amazing children's book. You want to share it with your children, your grandchildren, and children everywhere!


Nate is an incredibly talented illustrator/designer that's fun to work with and is experienced with creating childrens books start to finish for individuals and publishers.

Published Children's Book

Publishing and distribution of books has become simplified in this digital age. You can fulfill your dream of being a published children's book author!!
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Do you have a story you would like brought to life?
Always wanted to see your story made into a children's book?
Want to make something special for your kids/grandkids?



As a children's book illustrator, Nate Jensen has worked with:

  • self-publishers

  • partnership publishers

  • state publishers

  • national publishers


​He takes your story and stick figure drawings through:

  • pencils concepts

  • character design

  • page layout

  • finished artwork

  • pre-press production

  • printer communication

He now offers promotional options featuring:

  • web design

  • search engine optimization

  • bookmark and brochure design

  • video book trailer production

Nate's books have won many awards including:

  • The Moonbeam Children's Book Award

  • USA Best Book Award

  •  Glyph Award

  • Royal Dragonfly Award

  • The Will Rodgers Medallion Award

  • "Monster in the Rocks" was part of the "52 Great Reads" program sponsored by the Library of Congress and the National Center for the Book.

Best of all, it's a fun process! 
The individuals Nate has worked with have been so pleased to be part of the process and have expressed their appreciation wholeheartedly.

"Casie Plants a Tree"

"I just wanted to let you know that everyone who has seen my book raves about the illustrations. In children's books, the pictures mean as much or more than the words and I really appreciate your ability to see into the story and convey it so perfectly. I can't thank you enough" - Michelle Platter

"The Sun and the Moon"

"Nate, this is absolutely perfect! I am so excited. I really love what you did here. I am completely blown away by your work. The way you captured light and gave character to the sun and moon is priceless. I really love mother earth too. I wasn't sure how you were going to pull that one off and it is absolutely breathtaking. I could not be happier with this."- Joe Chiovaro


My Adventures in Alphabetland

Children's book for teaching the ABCs.
Written and illustrated by Nate!
An imaginative adventure story where a child meets the alphabet letter by letter as they help him find his way home.
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